Thursday, August 07, 2008

The usefull of led light bulbs

Today's led light comes in difference colors not like before when it was first invented, led light comes in a few colors and the colors are red, yellow and green and this colors are make for traffic light and emergency light for people to had a clearly vision. Led light today's are used in many ways as for emergency such as ambulance and fire bridge, red colors are most used, yellow are used on the road for repairs and break down of vehicles while blue are most used by police cars.

Not to mentions about the colors even today led light comes in difference led light bulbs which the colors are more closer to day light and the white bright light are most used in houses at the front compounds and back of the house in case a break in. Fashion house and supermarket. Led light bulbs are most used by many places because its give off directional light which aim at the objects or products that you want it to be.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Design your shop with led light

With complex and shopping mall shooting out every year led light is becoming a popular commodity in the interior design of every shop in the world today. Since led light is energy savers and energy efficient and also cheap in power and of its difference color light it allows designers to design the room to the colors to attracted the customers. Besides in decorating and designing their shops some people would decorated their or even design with led light in their rooms to the color of the painting of the walls to make the room more attractive.

Most led light in the house are used to lighting the place are cabinets in the hall and kitchen, most of the led light are place behind or top of the cabinets. Adding led lights at your hall cabinets where you place your television and home theater add more beauty to it. The modern houses today are build with a small garden and a waterfall where water runs down to the pools where fishes are breed. Most of this garden are installed with a few difference colors led light, when on at night its gives a colorful atmosphere.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Street with color led light during festival time

When coming to festival seasons houses, shops, complex are decorated their places with colorful led lights. Today leds light comes in many colors to make the place very attractive to admire. It comes in led rope light in eight meters long. There are few colors for you choose and the price was quite cheaper.

Before led lights comes in three colors, red, yellow and green which are used in traffic lights. For ambulance and fire engine they used red as emergency. Yellows light are used on highways to alerts coming cars if the road under repairs or a vehicles break down. Nows led light comes in many color, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple,ample and white. With this muti color the street became alive during the festival time.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Todays leb light used in many ways

Led light are very useful and is most used on the road such as traffic light, and emergency light to notifly vehicles far ahead if there is accident in front or road repairs. Even todays you can notice most heavy vehicles has a lots of leb light on their vehicles when travelling or parking at the high ways and this is one sign to notifly others vehicles.

Led light comes into the market in the early 1960 and is used in the traffic light. Todays you can notice leb light are used in many ways. For advertising, decoration and even displaying and comes in many colours not like before it is only red, yellow and green.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Led light are most in triffic light

Led light are most used in many area such as on the road, shops, hotels and entertainment area. Todays leds light comes in many colours like red, yellow and green most used in traffic light and emergency area. Blues for police cars and red and yellow for ambulance and fire brigade. Even along the high ways or areas where road is under repairs a yellow led light was installed to alert the drivers.

Todays you can see many big company displaying led light sign at the front of their shops to attracted their custombers. The hair saloon which its standard sign, Hotels led light on thier logo names and most musical hall. Recently I saw a shop selling joss-stick displaying colours led lights in front of the shops.


Friday, July 27, 2007

The good used of led light

Led light are very useful nowaydays and are being used for many function and purposes. Its is very good for emergency, especially for vehicle such as ambulance, fire engine and triffic police. During our car break down led light are very useful at this time of emergency when travelling along the highways where there is no light. Motorcars and motorcycles and all heavy vehicle have led light at the back of their vehicle for safer night time riding.

Infrared LED lights are often used for television. remote control CD players and DVD players and most of the led light colours are red and yellow. Digital camera are also install with the modern led light to take clear picture during dark time or night time. Led light are very common used for decoration your house or apartment during the new year and most used to decoration the road during aupious days.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

led light very useful for emergency

In 1960 led light has became available to the market of lighting today. During the old days lighting technology was mainly limited to incandescence and fluorescence.
Leds light consume less electricity and produce less of the parasitic by product heat

Initial LEDs light were of colour red, green and with yellow and orange. Led light are most used in traffic light. Today's there led light comes in many colours such as blue to produce a white SSL device. In 1993 a Japanese chemical industries company comes up with blue colours using gallium nitride and make possible to created white led light by combining the light of separate LEDs (red, green, and blue) or by placing a blue LED within a special package with an internal light. Led light are very useful for emergency where cars break down or a sign to show that the road under repairs.


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