Monday, July 31, 2006

led light: Traffic lights all new

City’s signals now cheaper, last longer, and they’re ‘pretty’

By Trevor Hughes
The Daily Times-Call

LONGMONT — The city’s traffic lights now have more in common with camping headlamps and bike lights than the bulbs in most people’s homes.

City workers earlier this year finished replacing each traffic light in Longmont with LED-based lights. The new lamps are a series of small lights, rather than a single large bulb. Depending on the manufacturer, they sometimes look very similar to the old bulbs.

But that’s where the similarity ends: The LED bulbs are cheaper to operate, last a lot longer than standard incandescent bulbs and are much brighter, said Debi Sadar, the city worker responsible for their installation and maintenance.

“And they’re pretty,” she added.

Sadar, the city’s senior traffic signal technician, was instrumental in persuading her bosses to begin investigating the LED-based lights in 2001.

LED — short for “light-emitting diode” — technology has become widely popular in the past few years. Automakers use them in brake lights, and they’ve become de rigeur in camping flashlights and headlamps.

LEDs work differently than regular bulbs, converting electricity more directly into light. Incandescent bulbs use electricity to heat a metal filament, which then gives off illumination.

The difference means LEDs are dramatically more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Sadar said a typical intersection using regular traffic lights consumes about $925 worth of electricity annually. An intersection equipped with LED lights uses just $110 worth of power.

Multiply those savings by the city’s 75 or so intersections, and the effect on the bottom line is substantial, in the neighborhood of $61,000 annually, Sadar said.

“I don’t think it was so hard once they realized the energy savings,” Sadar said of persuading her supervisors to adopt the technology.

The drawback is the initial cost of the lamps: about $60 for a red LED light, compared to about $3 for a replacement bulb, Sadar said. The LEDs have five-year warranties and usually last for 10 years. Normal bulbs often had to be replaced several times annually, especially during windy years.

The low power needs of the LEDs also opens up the possibility of connecting them to backup batteries at major intersections. The old incandescent bulbs used too much power to make battery backups reasonable, city traffic engineer Joe Olson said.

Olson and other city workers met last week to begin investigating the backup systems.

“Having the LEDs makes it more practical to do that because they don’t draw nearly as much energy,” Olson said.

Now, with all the intersections switched over, Sadar and colleague Derald Johnson keep an eye on lights that have lost some of their LEDs.

This week, they took about 10 minutes to replace a red light that had lost some of its LED pixels. The removed light still was under warranty, so Sadar planned to send it back to the manufacturer.

“They aren’t going out as often, and they’re a lot brighter,” she said.

Trevor Hughes can be reached at 303-684-5220, or by e-mail at

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

led light: Bend police get new red-light tool

Posted: 12:09 PM, Jul. 25, 2006

By news sources

In its efforts to keep the roads safe, the Oregon Department of Transportation reported this week it has installed tools on two traffic signals in Bend to help police officers safely stop motorists who run red lights.
The "Enforcer" has been installed at the intersections of Greenwood Avenue and Third Street, and Reed Market Road and Third Street.

The tool is a system on the back of an existing signal. When a traffic light turns red, a white LED light is illuminated on the rear side of the signal. This allows a police officer to position on the far side of an intersection and still be able to see when the light turns red. The officer can stop offenders without having to follow vehicles through the intersection, which is safer for the officer and the traveling public.

"Red light running is a form of aggressive driving," said Debbie Williams, ODOT Traffic Safety Coordinator. "The average time saved by running a red light is 25 seconds and is not worth the potential cost in human lives."

ODOT also awarded a $2,200 overtime enforcement grant to the Bend Police Department to use the tool.
Nationwide, motorists running red lights cost the public an estimated $7 billion per year in lost wages, medical bills and damages. From 2000 through 2004, more than 160 crashes reported in Bend involved a driver disregarding a traffic signal, according to information reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This resulted in one fatality and 120 people injured.

"Driving safely is a shared responsibility," said Williams. "The choices you make can mean a lifetime of loss, pain and suffering for yourself or someone else's family."

Sunday, July 23, 2006

led light: Gadget Brando 4in1 Key Ring LED Light Pen

Gadgeteer Hands On Review by Judie Hughes

July 21, 2006

If you have held off adding a small LED torch to your keyring, after reading today's review you may be glad that you waited. We all know the benefits of having an LED torch where it is always easily accessible, but the Gadget Brando 4in1 Key Ring LED Light Pen adds a few extra perks that may make owning one even more attractive.

Not only does this keyring light have a great price, it has a list of features that make it a great gift idea for those that are "hard to buy for". Let's take a look...

The shaft of the device is composed of metal, which immediately makes it feel better made than a plastic counterpart. Measuring a diminutive 2.6" long x 0.5" wide, the light is available in black, blue or red. There is a tiny and tight pen clip built into the end closest to the key-ring.

The shaft unscrews for battery insertion or removal; four AG10 disc batteries are included. The shaft unscrews for battery insertion or removal; four AG10 disc batteries are included. Right above the battery compartment is another section which when unscrewed reveals a black ballpoint pen. An incredibly short ballpoint reservoir is inside. It will probably be a pain to get refills, so I would suggest only using this little pen when necessary.

The removed cap can be screwed onto the opposite end to extend the ballpoint for more comfortable writing. I think it is a little generous to call the pen "4-in-1", as evidently the pen clip is included in its features. I think it would be safer to say 3in1 - you have a keyring, a pen & a three LED torch. In any case, if you have been fumbling around in the dark, this may be the keyring you've been waiting for!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

LED Light: EV Group Develops First Mask Aligner with LED Light Source

EV Group Develops First Mask Aligner with LED Light Source

EV Group (EVG), a supplier of wafer-bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, has announced the availability of the industry first LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source for mask aligner systems. This LED light source is now available for all EVG mask aligner systems and outperforms conventional UV light sources by offering reduced cost of ownership, reduced maintenance and superior exposure results.

Equipping mask aligners with a LED light source provides unique advantages in process safety and environmental issues. EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) risks involved with use of high pressure mercury arc lamps are eliminated with the new LED technology. “Applying LED technology in our mask aligners, we can offer an advanced exposure source and support our high volume manufactures with low cost of ownership and reduced maintenance. The operation cost savings compared to conventional Hg lamp operated mask aligners are typically greater than 50% - both for HVM and R&D users.”, says Erich Thallner CEO and founder of EV Group.

Regular maintenance tasks such as replacement of UV lamps will be a thing of the past. Especially in high-volume production, every single cost factor is critical. Compared to UV light sources, the LED light source enables low power operation and therefore eliminates costs for Nitrogen cooling. The LED light source represents a breakthrough in lowest cost of ownership by offering a maintenance-free lifetime of more than 10 years under common-practice operation and production conditions. It proves again EVG’s position in being ahead of setting new industry standards for wafer processing.

Posted 12th July 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

LED light: New Products: Efficient, long-life LED lighting

High density packaging, compact yet light-weight

Cambridge UK & San Jose, CA USA -- In constant pursuit of the optimal lighting and lens conditions, Moritex is now offering a new kind of LED lighting.

Moritex's 'MG Wave' LED lighting includes a range of unique technical features. Specified colours of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are arranged in a high density package to provide long-life, compact, light-weight and efficient lighting for image processing and inspection applications.

MG-Wave LED lighting provides longer stable images than other forms of lighting. Unlike other forms of lighting there is no deterioration caused by repeatedly switching the light on and off.
Operating across a narrow bandwidth MG-Wave makes it easy to acquire the contrast critical for image processing. Incorporating small light source elements enables MG-Wave to deliver lighting dimensions optimised to application. Incorporated in the LED light the MG-Wave constant current detection system reads the signal to control the rated current that is adjusted to the number of LEDs in every lighting module. Consequently MG-Wave has the flexibility to offer its industry leading performance for any type of lighting configuration.

The MG-Wave range includes high powered spot, direct ring, low angle ring, shadowless, edge backlit, array backlit, coaxial, bar, linear, oblique, dome and parallel lighting LED's as well as power sources and a wide variety of LED lighting accessories.

Benefiting from nearly 30 years experience and expertise in the creation, manipulation and control of light Moritex has designed this well-illustrated technical catalogue to assist customers in combining the correct MG-Wave LED light source, light guides and lenses to achieve exceptional image capture with high resolution and contrast.
A technical brochure may be downloaded from For further information on MG-Wave LED Lighting please contact Moritex at email or by telephone on ã1223-301148 (Europe) or 408-363-2100 (North America).

European HQ

Moritex Europe Ltd.
14, Signet Court
Swanns Road
Cambridge CB5 8LA UK

tel. ã1223-301148

North American HQ

Moritex USA Inc.
San Jose, CA 95119, USA

Tel: +1 408 363 2100

Friday, July 07, 2006

LED Light: Sprint Nextel and Motorola Break New Ground in Rugged Phone Market with the i580 by Motorola

Press Release posted by Michelle Ruhfass on Thursday July 06, 2006.

New Motorola ruggedized walkie-talkie phone for the Nextel National Network meets military specifications for blowing rain and features an embedded camera and Bluetooth(R)wireless technology

RESTON, Va. and PLANTATION, Fla. — 07/06/2006--Continuing to lead the industry in the area of rugged phones, Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) and Motorola (NYSE:MOT) today announced availability of the Motorola i580. Answering the call for a ruggedized, stylish and fully equipped handset, the i580 is the only iDEN rugged phone in the industry to feature an embedded camera and the first with a clam form factor to include Bluetooth wireless technology. The i580 is also the first rugged iDEN clam phone designed to meet military specification 810 F for rain resistance, as well as for dust, shock and vibration. The phone's durable design and easy-grip rubber exterior can withstand even the toughest day on the job or the most demanding outdoor activities for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

"Sprint Nextel recognizes that business customers in industries like construction, transportation and field services often experience harsh weather conditions or the need for documenting proof of work," said Danny Bowman, vice president of product marketing for Sprint. "With first-in-its-class features like an embedded camera, Bluetooth wireless technology and military-level rain resistance, the i580 is the total package for extending the workplace."

"At Motorola, we constantly strive to deliver products that are as remarkable as their users -- whose lives are fast paced and demanding -- and the Motorola i580 is designed to live with them, through tough weather conditions or less than optimal treatment," said Peter Aloumanis, general manager, U.S. Markets Division, Motorola's iDEN(R) Mobile Devices.

The Motorola i580 provides Sprint's unmatched Nextel Walkie-Talkie capabilities, allowing for instant one-on-one, group and off-network communication with the touch of a button. The most complete ruggedized phone yet, the i580 contains notable features such as:

1.3 megapixel digital camera with video record functionality - the i580 is the first ruggedized iDEN clam style handset to offer an integrated 1.3 megapixel digital camera, producing high-quality images, a self-timer, up to 4X digital zoom and an LED light that can light up an image in a range up to 2 feet in low light conditions.
Removable micro SD card slot - Store images, MP3 files, and video to removable micro SD memory cards. 64MB card included.
Bluetooth(R)wireless technology
GPS support - Get step-by-step driving directions, trip planning and more when you add GPS-based applications like TeleNav, MapQuest FindMe and Trimble Outdoors.
Large, internal color display
Support for advanced walkie-talkie capabilities including Direct Send(TM) contacts and pictures.
Messaging services - send or receive multimedia and/or text and voice messages.
Front ported audio support - equipped with dual, frontal speakers

The i580 is available nationwide at Sprint and Nextel Stores, Sprint business sales channels and online at $279.99, after all available discounts and promotions. To view or download an image of the Motorola i580, please visit,,4287,00.html.

About Sprint Nextel
Sprint Nextel offers a comprehensive range of communications services bringing mobility to consumer, business and government customers. Sprint Nextel is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including two robust wireless networks offering industry leading mobile data services; instant national and international walkie-talkie capabilities; and an award-winning and global Tier 1 Internet backbone. For more information, visit

About Motorola
Motorola is known around the world for innovation and leadership in wireless and broadband communications. Inspired by our vision of Seamless Mobility, the people of Motorola are committed to helping you get and stay connected simply and seamlessly to the people, information, and entertainment that you want and need. We do this by designing and delivering "must have" products, "must do" experiences and powerful networks -- along with a full complement of support services. A Fortune 100 company with global presence and impact, Motorola had sales of US $36.8 billion in 2005. For more information about our company, our people and our innovations, please visit

Monday, July 03, 2006

LED Light: Emergency LED light

Utah Nature has a how to on making a LED emergency light - "This LED array uses 15 LEDs housed in a 1 inch PVC connector. Each LED has its own 100 ohm resistor to limit the current and reduce the voltage. The LEDs have a 20 degree light dispersion resulting in a beam much like a regular flashlight. Using 4 D size batteries, this assembly produces usable light for over 24 hours. This array is ideal for lighting dark work areas such as work under the car."

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