Friday, June 30, 2006

LED Light: Sealed Tube LED Lighting Strips Mountable in Many Versatile Applications

TORRANCE, CA — June 29th, 2006 — LEDtronics® announces TBL3xx Series Sealed Tube LED Light Strips that offers great illumination in many versatile applications. The TBL3xx series tube LED comes in a water clear lens. It provides great looking illumination on applications such as RVs, buses, trains, task lighting, under cabinets, concealed lighting, edge lighting, cubicles, marine recreation applications, retail store displays, and more. The construction of a sturdy UV-resistant polycarbonate housing over the LED tube provides increased protection and shielding against many environmental effects allowing you to place these light tubes in locations where typical lights would be more vulnerable to the elements. Furthermore, TBL3xx series tubes come in a variety 6”, 12”, 24”, and 48” lengths to fit in many different locations, tight enclosures and spaces.

These clear LED Tube Lights come in 6000K Pure White and 3000K Warm White colors all operating at 12V. Both whites use .96 Watts for the 6” model, 2.16 Watts for 12”, 3.84 Watts for 24”, and 7.68 Watts for 48” lengths. Pure white 6000K LEDs give off 52 Lumens at 6” lengths, 116 Lumens at 12”, 206 Lumens at 24”, and 413 Lumens at 48” sizes. Warm white 3000K LEDs radiate 40 Lumens for 6”, 89 Lumens at 12”, 158 Lumens at 24”, and 317 Lumens at 48” length sizes.

Along with each LED Tube Strip, is a mounting clip (MTG-CLIP-STP-001) that snaps onto the back of the tube. Two clips are provided per foot of tubing. Each clip has a location for a self tapping screw that allows you to mount the LED tubing in many possible locations.

Solid-state design renders LEDs impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching, and environmental extremes. With an average life span of 100,000-plus hours (11 years), LED lamps operate more than 20 times longer than the equivalent incandescent lamp! Savings from reduced maintenance costs and downtime quickly return the capital investment expenditure! LED lamps produce almost no heat and require 80% - 90% less operating power than equivalent incandescents, making them as friendly to the environment as they are to the operating budget.

Founded in 1983, LEDtronicsâ leads where others only follow when it comes to designing, manufacturing and packaging state-of-the-art LEDs to meet the world’s constantly changing lighting needs. Our inventive product line encompasses an array of direct incandescent lamp replacement Based LEDs, low-cost snap-in and relampable Panel Mount LEDs, high intensity sunlight-visible Discrete LEDs, PCB LEDs circuit board status indicators, surface mount diodes SMT LEDs, full-spectrum rainbow RGB LEDs and Infra-Red (IR) LEDs.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

led light: Lamina Powers CentraL.E.D. with Ultra Bright LED Light Engine

Lamina Ceramics has announced the availability of LED light engine-powered CentraL.E.D., recently introduced by Central Tools. Based on Lamina's BL-2000 LED light engine, the CentraL.E.D. is a brightest, compact repair lights to enter the market. Developed for automotive repair technicians, CentraL.E.D. spec'd Lamina light engines because of their ultra bright light output and small footprint. The light's 42 LEDs are focused by a high-tech, precision optic which concentrates the light to produce a 40-degree beam angle. This allows an 18-inch "perfect circle" of very bright, evenly distributed light to be produced at two feet.

The BL-2000 light engine used in CentraL.E.D. is Lamina's LED light engines, delivering 108 lumens of brilliant white light. The BL-2000 is available in 5500°K white, 4300°K white, red, amber, green, blue, and RGB – with recently introduced optics and heat sinks. The high light output from CentraL.E.D.'s small footprint make this product's screw-on light head assembly suitable for a wide range of OEM architectural, automotive, task lighting and general illumination applications.

Company: Lamina Ceramics
Product ID: 06FE038

Thursday, June 22, 2006

led light: LEDs provide light sources for pocket-sized front projectors

Why try to view images on a tiny handheld screen when you could project the content onto your bedroom ceiling? DLP-based pocket-sized front projectors containing LED light sources are making this possible.

Compact front-projection devices, which can take images from a phone handset, gaming console or digital camera and project them onto a wall, screen or even a ceiling, now constitute a small but exciting market for LED light sources.

The devices, commonly known as "pocket" projectors, typically weigh less than 1 pound and can be operated from a DC battery supply. However, the size and weight of the battery are such that consumers will need fairly large pockets to carry the whole system, and fairly deep pockets to afford price tags in the EUR 700-1000 bracket.

All pocket projectors currently on the market use LED light sources, and are based on digital light processing (DLP) technology developed by Texas Instruments. Consumer electronics giants such as Samsung, Mitsubishi and Toshiba, along with several other suppliers, already offer pocket projection systems

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

LED Light: Snowboarding At Night

Nighttime snowboarding is another aspect of snowboarding that is unlike any other that you may have tried so far. Many people find snowboarding at night to be very relaxing, exciting and offer a new perspective on hills that they are constantly riding.

On of the most important aspects of nighttime snowboarding is being very familiar with the run you are about to ride. Ideally you should know your path so well that you can visualize each corner, the time it takes to get from one turn to the next and what obstacles are where on the trail when you close your eyes. This familiarity will help to offset your lack of vision.

Regardless of how well you know the run you are about to attempt, you will be in for a surprise the first time you try it at night. In the dark everything looks different and feels different. You may not have realized how much you're relied on visual cues for when and where to turn slow down or speed up. You will not longer be able to see the stump that marks the start of the moguls or other trail details and shadows will make things seem to appear or disappear.

When it comes to night riding you have three options to improve your sight. You can use your eyes and no light, ride a mildly lighted trail or use a headlamp to light your way. You will have to try each option to determine which method is best suited for you.

Regardless of which method you wish to use, you must work to improve your night vision. The first step is to allow your eyes to adjust to the dark. Your eyes will under go a chemical change to allow you to see better in the dark and this process takes time, usually about 30 minutes. During this time it is best to sit and wait for it to happen. While waiting, and afterwards, be very careful not to look at any man made light source. Doing so will kill your night vision and you will have to wait another 30 minutes to get it back. If you find you must look at a light, close and cover one eye so that it doesn't loose its night vision ability.

Something that most people do not realize is that their daytime activities also effect their nighttime vision. Studies conducted on pilots show that exposure to bright sunlight, especially for 10 days or more, can reduce your nighttime vision, range and clarity by 50 percent. You may wish to wear gray full spectrum sunglasses on the day or the days leading up to the night that you wish to snowboard in order to maximize your night vision.

The other option available is to use a headlamp of some kind. The first choice most people think of is a bright white light. While this does allow you to see the colors of your surroundings, it isn't the best choice for nighttime viewing. The second option that most people think of is a red bulb. This too isn't a good idea as red is the first spectrum of light to become invisible at night. The range of a red light at night is very limited and thus you will not be able to see the details that you need to see.

Perhaps the best choice for a light is a yellow-green LED light. Often you can insert a suitable LED into the socket of the regular bulb on your headlamp. Yellow-green makes a very good choice for nighttime riding as it will illuminate your surroundings and allow you to see the most detail possible.

However a blue-green LED also has its advantages. While a yellow-green light helps activate the cones in your retina to see details, a blue-green light is fairly dim and works with the rods in your retina. The rods are the parts of your eyes responsible for allowing you to see at night. If you are in a fully dark area then blue-green is a better choice since it does not hinder your night vision ability.

Nighttime snowboarding is a very fun and interesting experience that should not be missed. You will find that you will discover all kinds of things about your favorite runs and yourself while doing so. Make a point of trying it the next time you find yourself becoming bored with your favorite hill.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

led light: Unique Party Favors

A party favor is given by a host to their guest to thank them for attending their event. When a hosts gives their guests unique party favors, the guests know how truly appreciated their presence was at the party. Guests attending a party will usuall...

by Mrs.

A party favor is given by a host to their guest to thank them for attending their event. When a hosts gives their guests unique party favors, the guests know how truly appreciated their presence was at the party. Guests attending a party will usually bring a hostess gift or something the host can use or serve at their party. The party hostess usually gives the guests a party favor, thus making it a unique href=""> party favor is a reminder of how the event was special.
There are several options available when choosing unique href=""> party favors. One of the best ways to make your party favors unique is to make them personalized. A href=""> personalized party favor shows your guests that you really wanted them to have a gift that you put a lot of thought into so that they would always remember the event. Another way to give very unique party favors, is to give gift baskets. Gift baskets can be a personalized gift to receive because they can be filled with a combination of any thing to suit your guest's personality.
If you are having a costume party, fun favors that can be worn are a great way to give your guests fun they can take home. Costumes themselves as favors are a unique way for guests to bring the fun of your party home with them. Even mix and match costume parts like feather boas, hats or masks are all fun gifts to give to your guests as party favors. For an evening party, a great unique party favor can be glow sticks. Glow sticks and LED light ups are fun as party favors. These are fun for your guests to play with at your party and they create a festive atmosphere. Nothing is more exciting than a dark room full of neon glow sticks and blinking lights. Excellent pool party favors can be inflatables. These are great because your guests can use their favors during the party in the pool and at home.

Whatever favors you choose for your guests will be appreciated as long as you put some thought into them. The point of a party is to have fun. So have fun when looking for the perfect unique party favors for your party. Picking the perfect unique party favor will not only bring joy to your guests but also to yourself. Everyone wants the party favors they choose to be a success.

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Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on giving the best possible href="">party, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts.

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led light: Why Are There So Many Different Light Bulbs?

There are many different types of light bulbs. Each has its own uses and requirements. Some can save you some extra money because they are energy efficient. There are also many different brands. You ...

by Mike Yeager

There are many different types of light bulbs. Each has its own uses and requirements. Some can save you some extra money because they are energy efficient. There are also many different brands. You can also often find discount light bulbs to save some money. Learning the differences will help you choose what is right for you.

If you are looking for something that is brighter and produces a more powerful light, halogen light bulbs are the way to go. Fluorescent light bulbs do not burn as hot as others and are more energy efficient. These last much longer then halogen. Full spectrum light bulbs are just regular light bulbs that produce white light. They are not the most energy efficient on the market. LED light bulbs are the small indicator lights often found on remote controls and other sensor operated electronics.

While each type of light bulb has its uses, they are often made by several manufactures. Many of them are well known brands. Some include GE Light Bulbs, Phillips Light Bulbs, and Sylvania Light Bulbs. You can often find discount light bulbs as well in many discount department stores. You can find most of these light bulbs in any department store.

Whenever you need to purchase a light bulb, check the product you are currently using or the manufactures guide to make sure you purchase the correct one. Many have different watts or powers and buying ones that are too powerful can burn your appliance out or not work properly. Some bulbs get very hot, therefore cannot be used with plastics or fabrics that could melt or catch fire. Also, handle these bulbs carefully as they can cause serious burns.

Research the light bulbs you will be using before using them. Know their safety standards. Also know what to expect from them energy wise. Many can cause high expenses if used wrong. Doing these simple things can keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

led light: Add A Room To Your Home With A Patio Awning

Do you need a patio awning for your lovely patio off of your backyard that only gets half the use it could because of rain or far too bright sun? Installing a patio awning to shade and protect it can be almost as good as adding a room to your home!

by Garry John

Do you need a patio awning for your lovely patio off of your backyard that only gets half the use it could because of rain or far too bright sun? Installing a patio awning to shade and protect it can be almost as good as adding a room to your home!

When choosing a patio awning, you'll need to consider a number of things – the area that needs to be covered, the structure on which the awning will be installed (usually your house), the weather conditions in your area, the cost and the aesthetics. There are many types and styles of patio awning available to suit your needs – once you're certain what your needs are.

The most often stated reasons for installing a patio awning are:

- Protection from Weather

A patio awning provides shade from the sun and cover from rain, to extend the usability of your patio and make it more comfortable at all times of the day.

- Protection of Your Investment

Patio furniture and wood floors or patio carpets are a substantial financial investment. A patio awning helps protect that investment from the damaging UV rays of the sun. In addition, if your patio has full glass sliding doors, the patio awning will also help protect the carpets and furnishings inside your home from those same harmful rays.

- Energy Efficiency

Besides shading the patio itself, installing a patio awning can reduce the heat of your home's interior by as much as 70%, which can be a major savings in electricity if you're paying for air conditioning.

- Low construction costs

Patio awnings – even fancy retractable ones with built-in lighting and heating – cost far less than adding a full room to your home, but in many cases, the effect is almost the same – expanded living and entertainment space.

- Aesthetics

Patio awnings come in an almost limitless array of colors and designs. A well-made patio awning can add beauty to your home while providing shade and comfort for you.

What type of patio awning is best? That depends on your patio, where you live, and how you use your patio. Some of the most popular styles and their best setting are listed below.

- Fixed Patio Awning

Fixed awnings are not usually recommended as patio awnings. They're designed to withstand extremes of weather conditions, and cannot be rolled back. If you're planning a patio area that you'll sometimes want to expose to full sun, a retractable awning is a far better choice.

- Retractable Patio Awning

Retractable patio awnings are designed to be retracted during extremes of weather to prevent damage to the awning. They can be retracted via a hand crank or a motorized pulley, and some of the latest styles even feature automatic wind and rain sensors to close the awning whether or not you're there to push a button. You can choose patio awnings that retract completely into a compact ‘cassette' frame, that have installed led lighting or heating, as well as patio awnings that are specially constructed for windy areas or for full tilt-angle control to adjust your shade precisely.

A consultation with a professional dealer and patio awning installer will give you the best idea of what sort of patio awning will suit your needs best.

Garry John has contributed to several home improvement sites including with details of patio awnings

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led light: Binocular Trends and Technology

There have been some incredible developments in optical technology in recent years. One of the most interesting new products comes from a company called Torrey Pines Logic. It has been developed in partnership with the United States Navy, and it is currently being field tested for use in Iraq and beyond. It is called LightSpeed, and it just might revolutionize battlefield communications ...

by Bill MacArthur

There have been some incredible developments in optical technology in recent years. One of the most interesting new products comes from a company called Torrey Pines Logic. It has been developed in partnership with the United States Navy, and it is currently being field tested for use in Iraq and beyond. It is called LightSpeed, and it just might revolutionize battlefield communications.

The new device, developed with funding from the Office of Naval Research, is a short-range communications tool that will allow soldiers to talk on a secure channel up to two miles away, simply by looking at one another. It uses infrared to transmit audio and video data, and connects to a standard pair of binoculars. It employs the use of optical lenses to amplify the audio and video signals.

Soldiers in the field can connect headphones and a microphone to the binoculars to speak to one another, so long as they are both using the same device. The great thing about LightSpeed is that it is considerably more secure than traditional lasers or radio. Furthermore, it is extremely low power. This is important because it is less susceptible to being picked up and monitored by the other side. While it is intended for short range, line-of-sight communications, it has proven to be highly versatile in the field.

One application that has showed incredible promise is during vessel boarding search and seizure. The device can be used to transmit biometric data of passengers back to the ship. It is also ideal as a secondary communications device during radio blackouts. LightSpeed is also being tested for use in communications between submarines and aircraft, explosive ordinance disposal, and unmanned aerial vehicle landings.

Although the technology behind the LED LightSpeed device has been around for some time, it was not until 2003 that it first came to the attention of the US Navy. It was discovered at a tradeshow by a Navy Commander, and submitted to the Office of Naval Research's Tech Solutions department. ONR's Tech Solutions is a program that allows Sailors and Marines to suggest potential solutions to technology challenges. LightSpeed received research and development funding from the ONR in 2004, and current field testing shows incredible promise.

Bill MacArthur is ex-military special operations and is currently working as a consultant for a private security firm in the United States. He loves the great outdoors, and spends his free time at his cottage retreat. Every so often, he writes an article for – an excellent online resource for information about Binoculars, Night Vision, Rangefinders and more.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Led Light: StarLux is looking good

6th June 2006 09:22:53 AM

IFYOU are tired of unwanted hair and frustrated with the time, effort and pain of waxing, Facial Attraction Laser and Skin Clinics now offer the Starlux SIPL, the latest in Super Intense Pulsed Light technology.

It is one of only a few hair removal treatments to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, and is clinically proven to provide permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation results.

For some, excess hair growth due to medical, hormonal or genetic conditions can have a major negative impact on their lives. SIPL can treat all skin types, with incredible results. Best of all, it’s virtually painless due to patented cooling technology.

Photo rejuvenation and LED light therapy can help treat acne, rosacea, exposed capillaries, pigmentation, freckles, fine lines, open pores, etc.

In addition, the StarLux™ is a very effective method of rejuvenating skin by stimulating the photo receptors and cells in bodies to in turn produce more collagen and elastin.

This dramatically improves skin tone and texture, making skin look more youthful. Go one step further and enhance and maintain the effects using a follow up treatment of LED light therapy, which targets certain cells and bio-molecules within the skin to provide a skin “lift”.

Facial Attraction has experienced and accredited clinicians – including the Victorian state trainer for laser/IPL systems – on hand to assist with all procedures.

With more than 13,000 procedures, and 14 locations throughout Melbourne, you can be assured your skin will be in safe hands.

Facial Attraction has a special offer. The first 50 callers will receive free LED light therapy (valued at $70) when booking an SIPL treatment. Call on 1300 735 234 for further details.

Led light: Smarthome Releases Annual Gadget Guide for Father's Day

Fingerprint Door Lock Tops This Year's Hot List

IRVINE, Calif., June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartLabs Inc., the world's leading provider of home automation products via its Smarthome catalog and website, announces its annual "Hot List" of gadgets for Father's Day. Topping this year's list of hot products is the 5161 Fingerprint Recognition Deadbolt for the ultimate in security for $349.99 available at

Additional safety and security products ranking high in this year's Father's Day Hot List include the 19380 Public Alert Weather Station, a variety of keypad door locks and wireless outdoor surveillance PIR cameras including the 75451R Day/Night Wireless Color Camera for $249.99.

Hot products for the home office include desk accessories like the 95644 Levitating Golf Ball, 46141 IceLight LED Light that offers brightness while saving energy and the ultra-modern 1961 Pin Clock with hundreds of individual pins that extend when required for each number of the time. The 77832 Wireless Scan Converter for $139.99 lets dad view computer files and enjoy music and video on his big screen TV.

For the BBQ and outdoor kitchen, Smarthome recommends the 3216 Smart BBQ Fork for $9.99 so dad can barbecue like a pro. In order to see that steak as the sun goes down, there is the 32150 LED Grill Light for $44.99. Finally, the 9171 Portable Blender for $49.99 enables dad to relax with a frothy, cold, blended drink in the backyard.

For more Father's Day gift ideas including the 91713 12-Volt Cooling Car Summer Seat for $59.99 and the 91307 Motorized Tie Rack for $39.99 to organize all of dad's ties, call 800-762-7846 or visit


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