Thursday, August 07, 2008

The usefull of led light bulbs

Today's led light comes in difference colors not like before when it was first invented, led light comes in a few colors and the colors are red, yellow and green and this colors are make for traffic light and emergency light for people to had a clearly vision. Led light today's are used in many ways as for emergency such as ambulance and fire bridge, red colors are most used, yellow are used on the road for repairs and break down of vehicles while blue are most used by police cars.

Not to mentions about the colors even today led light comes in difference led light bulbs which the colors are more closer to day light and the white bright light are most used in houses at the front compounds and back of the house in case a break in. Fashion house and supermarket. Led light bulbs are most used by many places because its give off directional light which aim at the objects or products that you want it to be.


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