Wednesday, June 27, 2007

led light very useful for emergency

In 1960 led light has became available to the market of lighting today. During the old days lighting technology was mainly limited to incandescence and fluorescence.
Leds light consume less electricity and produce less of the parasitic by product heat

Initial LEDs light were of colour red, green and with yellow and orange. Led light are most used in traffic light. Today's there led light comes in many colours such as blue to produce a white SSL device. In 1993 a Japanese chemical industries company comes up with blue colours using gallium nitride and make possible to created white led light by combining the light of separate LEDs (red, green, and blue) or by placing a blue LED within a special package with an internal light. Led light are very useful for emergency where cars break down or a sign to show that the road under repairs.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Leds light are more efficient than conventional bulbs

Led light is made up of photons, with the rise of semiconductors, Led bulbs become more popular. LEDs are specially constructed to release electrons. The plus point is that leds light do not contain any filament. LEDs are more efficient than conventional bulbs with filaments.

The efficiency of emergency LED lights is defined according to the relation between the light intensity emitted and the electrical current that produce this radiation. The color of LED lights is usually red, green, and yellow-orange that has been been standardized by the manufacturers. LEDs require less power; hence less battery is consumed than with conventional bulbs. The energy wasted is minimal with LEDs.


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